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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheers to High School Memories!...I Think

I have had such an interesting 48 hours. You see, there is this thing called Facebook. And there is also this woman called my mother. Together, we are talking about 2 very powerful energies when combined together. My mother (who is my friend on Facebook) has re-connected me with some of my old high school friends out of the blue. She found 'em and scooped 'em up for me. Truly a force of nature. :) And she is friends with them too! I realize where I might have gotten my out-going, social, "wanting to connect everyone" personality. Needless to say, it has been blast from the past mania. And I am loving it.

So, I've decided that our high school class needs a heart to see how many of us we can find and re-connect through one single gesture of goodwill. I look forward to reading the stories on the site because each person will no doubt know exactly who needs the heart next.
To my Alief Hastings Class of '86 peeps and heart #1206......
GO Fighting Bears!

With love,

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