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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Committed to the Dream....or the Fear?

Here I go again this week with my "signs". But I cannot help what keeps showing itself in my life.
All I hear from this photo is..."Move Forward. Move Forward." But what keeps us from doing this in our lives? What holds us back from living our greatest dreams? Oh yeah, that pesky little thing called fear.

Well, the good news is that we have choices when it comes to dealing with fear and our beliefs. You see, beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back, but you choose what you believe. The way to actually move from limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back to empowering beliefs that leap you forward is through courage, practice and willingness.
Basically, its about saying Yes. And Yes again.

The most extraordinary thing about the creation of Heart is Hot is that I never looked back. Good thing because that tire damage would have been severe! I never once questioned my thought process the day I saw the man on the street crying. In fact, it was the willingness to say Yes to those thoughts and feelings that led me to where I am today. And for that I am forever grateful. The best part about the experience was that it did not have anything to do with me at all. And still doesn't. It has to do with the birthright we all have to live a life of our greatest dreams and passions. The universe is our greatest cheerleader...just waiting for us to say Yes to what we truly deserve.

Be willing to believe in yourself and your dreams and have the courage to act on what you believe. And in moments of indecision, ask yourself this question: "Am I more committed to the dream..or to the fear?" Your answer will be very telling of your next direction.

Smile at the "doubter" that arises occasionally. Actually interview it and be curious about what you find. This will help you determine what it is you are actually afraid of. Simply saying "I am afraid" is not going to cut it because it keeps you in the stuck position right over those tire spikes. Ouch. Identify the fears from the doubter and view them as opportunities for focus and growth. You can see which of the fears are merely challenging self perceptions and which are obstacles that need development and strategy. From here,begin making a plan to manage each obstacle. This is forward movement. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Remember, and I love this one so much,....There are no problems. Only solutions. (Taken from John Lennon, of course). This is my mantra. Truly. With focus, determination and a whole bunch of self-care, you will create endless solutions to propel your growth and success. Practice this every day, until it becomes your way of life.

The question I am leaving you with is this: Do you live in the universe, or does the universe live in you? You decide.

With love and great support for your journey of abundance, health, wealth and success,


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