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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello, Wake Up Call....!

I was reminded the other evening in Santa Monica of the magnificent feeling I get when I see the sun set. Remarkable, isn't it? The tranquility and ease of being that occurs as the colors brighten in all their glory. I do not want it to end. I am, at the same moment, reminded theorectially that the sun does not actually ever set, but rotates around the earth (or vice versa). My 7th grade science teacher would not be pleased right now! :)

In any event, the sunset is actually an illusion. An illusion that I fully accept with great surrender and joy. But what about doubt and worry in my life? Aren't those illusions of the mind as well? The lesson for me is in preference. I much prefer illusions that make me feel better than those that cause stress. I am going to take a moment and review, or should I say question, those illusions that tend to run my life that I do not much prefer. May I greet them with the same acceptance as I do a sunset and see them for what they really are: gorgeous, enticing illusions. Then may I embrace the truth of who I really am...beyond any illusion I could ever create. And by all means.... let's all enjoy the sunsets!

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