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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Ultimate Employer!

I was touched by heart #216 this morning as the feelings of giving back and paying love forward are so beautifully blended into the simplicity of gratitude. Thank you Mary for our Friday inspiration.
Enjoy everyone.
With love,

Heart 216, Journey 2
Seattle, WA, USA Friday, February 7, 2009
I received heart #216 from my former boss, Will Ludlam. It was so fitting he would be drawn to participate in Heart Is Hot because this is a man who truly lives from his heart. One of the many things I admire most about him is the degree to which he meaningfully connects with others. No matter how rushed he may be, he makes the time to do so. And when he recognizes someone in need, his first words are, "What can I do to help?" He is genuine in his concern for the well-being and success of others, and I am so grateful I had the chance to work for him and that I may also call him my friend!

It brings me great joy to now gift this heart to my dearest friend, Chris Luke, on her 45th birthday because I want her to know how much I love and appreciate her!

We met many years ago when I lived for a brief time in the SF Bay Area. As I got to know Chris I was drawn to her gentle disposition and the twinkle in her eyes. I loved listening to her talk about issues she cared passionately about and with her unique perspective she further opened my mind. I was amazed by her smarts and non-stop inquisitiveness, and I especially enjoyed her delightful sense of humor! Around her I was captivated and giddy, and so grateful for our connection. But not long after we became good friends I moved to another state and eventually we fell out of touch. But years later we reconnected and it was the most amazing reunion! Not only was it wonderful to catch up with my long lost friend but we learned our lives had taken parallel paths. We discovered we'd experienced similar circumstances and suddenly our recognition and understanding of the other was especially deep and this became personally healing. Even more meaningful was to realize our world-views and spiritual paths had evolved and converged at the same place as well. Since then over the years we've had fascinating conversations--always involving the meaning of life and so much more--with the dialog getting more and more interesting the further down the rabbit hole we go!

Chris, I'm so grateful for your deep insights, fresh perspectives, and unending questions, your pureness of heart and wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for being there through life's ups and downs. I cherish and love you so much!

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