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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Need a little daily inspiration today?

Well, try on this.

The day I was driving on the streets of San Francisco back in 2005 and saw the man crying (which sparked the Heart is Hot idea flame), a young boy was riding in the backseat of my car. His name is Thomas, and he's a special guy in our world.

He doesn't express verbally as you or I do, but that makes no difference to his heart of gold. He just sat in the backseat holding his Buzz Lightyear character with a HUGE grin on his face as I passed the crying man.

Jump to now.

Thomas's parents, Jane and Mark, decided to honor all those who work with Thomas at his school in Tennessee with our Heart Is Hot hearts.
I am so very honored personally as I remain friends with Jane, Mark and the whole gang, and that they were there at the inception of this remarkable company.

I am so very grateful.

Here is the card that each of the 47 employees received at the school from Jane and Mark.

This small gift is sent to THANK and HONOR YOU,
for your UNIQUE skills, hard work, loving attention,
and caring open HEART you give our child
and all the children at CFA.

Thomas's Parents Jane and Mark

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