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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Call You Are Never Prepared For

Here's the call you are never quite prepared for,
or at least I was not.

Wed. May 27, 2009.

"Hi honey, we are at the hospital.
Your father has had a heart attack".

I actually felt my mind and body unable to process the information at first, so I gave the typical response, "What?!"

Are you talking about MY Dad?

I remained present in the conversation with my mother and allowed myself to shed the natural tears that were forming.

I want to start by telling you that my Dad is not only fine now, but is already home and healing beautifully.

And here is what I found remarkable in this situation.

I was once again amazed at the natural inclination of people to give. And I mean truly give of themselves. Within a few hours of hearing the news of my Dad's heart attack (and before we even had a full report of what was going on), I reached out to some friends and even posted a note on Twitter about the experience.

Now, I believe it was a total of perhaps a minute or two (due to the transit time of email and such) that I began to receive note after note from people, some of whom I did not personally know from Twitter, sending their blessings to my Dad and our entire family. People offered help in any kind of way and, in my opinion, were completely available to be involved.

And noticeably, every single person mentioned that they would pray for my Dad and our whole family, and I am certain they did.

Marianne Williamson states in The Course of Miracles:
"When the Holy Spirit is involved, it's a win/win situation".

This is a wonderful example of that in action, and it was stunning.

The last 48 hours were such a reminder to start each day in service.

Ask yourself:
1. (God), how can I be of true service today?

And as Marianne states, ask:

2. Where would you have me go?
3. What would you have me say and do?

In that space, you will be guided. And that is certainly a win/win.

Thank you again for all your blessings. My family and I are grateful.

May you continue to prosper and grow in your own life,

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