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Monday, March 2, 2009

Will Spin For Dough!

The moola kinda dough, that is!
Hey, Sahara here! And I am participating in YAS's (Yoga and Spinning in Venice) annual Spin-A-Thon on March 29th to raise money for the Women's Sports Foundation (created by Billie Jean King in 1974).

Anyhoo, the deal is:
Each bike is supposed to gather $1,000.00 at least in sponsorship to
support the foundation.

Well, I immediately knew I could double that right off the bat...and
here's why. Because all I need to do is get 200 people to donate
$10.00 each. NO BRAINER!! That's like money you find in the laundry! You don't even have to skip that Starbuck's for this one. (I am sure many amongst you are relieved to hear that).

So, let's do it! Oh, and most of you don't know my spinning
history...because I do have one, you know.

The first time I spun was with my partner Anne. She and I were "new"
to each other and she invited me down to LA for a visit. She was so
excited to introduce me to her spin teacher and perhaps "show off her
new girl" a bit. Yeah, well that MAY have been a mistake....
Read on.

I proceeded to flip over the handle bars in the class...not just once
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I literally landed on the ground in front of me 2 times.
I was going too fast without enough resistance on the bike. So when
they had us stand up on our bikes, my foot would clip out and I literally
went flying. Literally.

Anne is horrified to this day that I even mention the experience to
anyone, let alone broadcast it out to the world.
But it really happened. And mind you, I am quite athletically
inclined and grew up playing all kinds of sports. So, this really was
a shocker. A funny one at that. No, I did not hurt myself,
luckily...and its a miracle Anne still chose to be with me after a
maneuver like that.

So, several years later, I am comfortable that I can stay on the bike
for the 3 hour spin to raise money to help other girls have the chance
to excel in sports, feel good about themselves, stay focused and have
a great ole time.

When you go to the donation page, you MUST put my name is as the rider
you are sponsoring so they can keep track of the amount as it grows.
That's Sahara Damore.


Again, the Spin A Thon is Sunday, March 29th from 1-4pm.
Location: YAS in Venice, California

If you are around that day and live in the area, stop by and cheer me on. You will notice that my shoes are super glued to the pedals! wink wink. I would say
the story is humiliating...but I think its so way beyond that...that I
just have to laugh. And do! :)

10 Bucks to make a great difference. I say YES!

PLEASE pass this forward to others whom you feel would participate in
this wildly fun campaign to support young women.

One more thing: Do it now. I have read in the "just do it for pete's
sake" type books that if it takes less than 2 minutes, do it NOW.
It's actually been a great tool that I have used for several years.

Lots of love....

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