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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enjoy The Journey

It's going to happen whether you like it or not. So, like it!

I recently met with a friend and we discussed some future plans I see with Heart Is Hot. He was very inspired by the visions and suggested I speak with a very important contact with whom he could arrange a meeting.

But the poignant moment was when he looked at me and said, "I can't believe I didn't think of this meeting before!" I paused and genuinely said, "I know why. I wasn't ready."

Though I have seen the greater visions and paths of Heart is Hot from its inception, I believe there is also something to be said about the journey itself, and what is learned along the way. Well, a lot to be said to be perfectly honest.

Yes, I could visualize Heart Is Hot moving in certain directions a year and a half ago when the business opened. But I also feel that life experiences and "growth opportunities (better known as challenges) that have occurred along the way have set the stage for me to be ready to hold larger visions and actually carry them out. To speak candidly, I have greater faith.

And let's discuss faith for a moment, because this is really the key.

I love that faith is actually an aspect of consciousness. So, in a sense, we are never without faith. We do, however, choose what we have faith in, whether it be that we have faith in the disasters in our lives or faith in the universe (God) to provide for us.

For me, what I have found is growing faith over time in 2 things:
The universe is there for me.
My capacity to see what has always been there in front of me.

So, when I announced to my friend that the reason he did not "think of this before" was that I was not ready, it was because I had more faith in the limited vision rather than the expansive vision unconsciously. There were levels of fear lurking and a lack of confidence that I could actually achieve this. And though they were not on the surface, I realize now that they were running the show "underneath" at times.

I have heard that if you want to go on a spiritual journey, open your own business. Funny. And I do believe that to be true. I imagine you can insert having children in there as well or many of life's other scenarios. :)

The levels of patience required coupled with faith and proper action is undeniable.

But the journey of discovering where to put your faith is truly priceless.

So today, whether you are opening a business, planning a family or simply choosing to take a walk down the street today, know that you have faith. The gift is that you can choose what you have faith in. Profound.

Be kind to yourself and others.
With love,

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