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Monday, August 24, 2009

A True Love Story To A Mother

Kent in Los Angeles, CA
HEART 1253

This heart symbolizes what an amazing Mother you have always been to me. As you battle breast cancer I wanted to take this time to let you know I am so proud of your strength and grace during this difficult time.

It is amazing that no matter where we go, whether it is Starbucks, neighbors, or the oncology unit, everyone gives you big hugs and lets me know what a beautiful inspirational person you are. I have heard so many stories how you have brightened their day and that you have touched their lives in a positive way.

You are not only my Mom but also my Mentor, Friend and Hero. You have the strength of a linebacker, the beauty of a supermodel, the courage of a warrior, the sparkle of a diamond, and the heart of a saint.

Someday when you want to bring inspiration to another soul please pass on this heart and let the world know the story. The love and care can be passed on from person to person and can make a difference in many lives.

Your loving Son,

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