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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heart 1206 brings 1986 back to life!

This heart has within it 4 years of memories that will no doubt last a lifetime. Its called Alief Hastings Class of 1986 from Houston, Texas. Ah yes, high school. A time most of us cherish on some level, and certainly a time to look back on with laughs....and perhaps the occasional tear. And I know some of you out there would rather forget those 4 years even happened!

High school for me was certainly a huge growth spurt. (For the rest of this note, please have a Go Go's, Yaz, ABC or Tears for Fears song playing in the background. And if you are hardcore Texas 1986, play a Leonard Skynard track).

I excelled in volleyball, swimming and softball....and was pretty much liked by everyone. I wouldn't say I was in the "most popular" crowd but knew and loved everyone in that crowd and they knew me. I had a gazillion friends from all different groups: the cheerleaders, the sports teams, the "brainier kids".....really everyone. I received well over average grades (except in Trigonometry)and was respected by all my teachers (except my Trig teacher). And yes, this was Texas....which meant that hanging out at the local Burger King or TP-ing someone's home was our biggest form of entertainment. We had outgrown rollerskating by our high school years.

But we were good kids. Meant well (though our maturity levels were oftentimes less than desired). But good nonetheless. We experimented...but had our own boundaries and limits...or thought we did. One big family that I can honestly say I will never forget.

Recently I have hooked back up with many of those old friends thanks to the power of Facebook. Because of that, I felt inspired to start a Class of 1986 heart to re-connect us all through the power of paying love forward.

The first recipient is Miss Class of 1986 herself, Leslie Thompson Hilberth. In fact, I am certain that Facebook got its idea from Leslie's uncanny and highly advanced ability to connect people. She is a force of nature that I HIGHLY respect and just love to tears.

Leslie, I crown you queen of the memory hive. Psst....pass it on.

With love,
Sahara Damore

Fighting Bears...WOO WOO!

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